FIAB Toolroom


The company provides welding services for black steel and aluminum alloys. We have a mechanized machine park, which is why, we are able to make various orders – both: prototype and large production series. The equipment of our machine park includes a modern laser cutter, CNC folding machine, automatic band saw, table threader and many others. Our engineering staff has many years of experience in the metallurgical industry, in the process of technical consulting and, above all, various implementations. As a company that comprehensively serves clients, we are able to design details, machines and other components from scratch on behalf of the entrepreneur.

The FIAB tool shop carries out complete orders:
– powder coated,
– spraying,
– hot-dip galvanized.

The FIAB Toolroom works closely with powder, spray and hot-dip galvanizing / painting shops. By accepting your order, we are able to make details “ready to go”, which means together with painting or galvanizing.


The service most often used by our clients is laser cutting. We have the option of laser cutting of black steel to 20mm, stainless, galvanized, as well as aluminum, brass and copper. Laser cutting is a method of precision cutting, which can be obtained by means of machining methods. Thanks to this, we are able to prepare holes for threading without drilling.


This process involves forming the sheet metal properly. We have a CNC folding machine, thanks to which we are able to achieve precise, repeatable details and bend sheet metal at any angle, so that each of the details has the same quality. Of course, the work is carried out based on technical documentation.


Shot blasting is a method of cleaning, strengthening or polishing metal. It is used in the metal industry. Shot blasting is good for removing old paint and galvanized coatings as well as for tarnish and rust. Surfaces cleaned by shot blasting are then ideally prepared for the next stage of processing, for example, before welding steel structures. Thanks to the large cabin we are able to shot-blast every element you want.


Thanks to the pneumatic threader, we can make precise threads perpendicular to the surface. Due to the well-coordinated table set with the device, there is no possibility of thread curvature. We make both metric and inch threads.


Welding with a fusible electrode in an inert gas (method 131) or active (method 135) shield.


Welding method with non-fusible tungsten electrode in inert gas shield (method 141). We weld black steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloys.


We have an automated band saw with a feeder, thanks to which we are able to cut large-size materials with high precision. Repeatability of dimensions and angle bracing allows for easier machining later.